No Matter Where Your Mortgage Is Today, We Want to Help You Know More. Save Money.

Have you ever thought, “What are my mortgage options?” or, “I feel like my Bank is only giving me half the story?”  At Castle Mortgage Group Steinbach we provide unmatched service, unparalleled education and unbiased expertise in the area of Mortgage Lending.  Our approach is simple: “Knowing what we at Castle know today, what would I do if I was in the clients situation”. We focus on what’s best for you our client, not what’s best for us. WE KNOW MORTGAGES. We want our clients to borrow money as cost effective as possible, with as minimal restrictions as possible. We’ll always advise you on what’s best, even if that means we wait until your term / penalty is over. Whether  we arrange your mortgage with us today or 2 years from now, we want to sit down with you and help you today.

The Best Part? We are a FREE SERVICE!

We send millions of dollars to Canada’s top financial institutions, including Banks, our local Credit Unions, and Trust companies. They pay us for your business, you do not pay for us. Lenders pay us because we’re gathering your paperwork and saving the lender time, resources and staff. You’ll get the same rate or occasionally a better rate with us, depending on which lender. We have no interest in which lender you use, or which rate you take, our compensation is heavily attached to how much of a mortgage you take, not which rate you get. We work for you and pride ourselves on the in depth education we provide to our clients.  Whether that is tips on paying less interest, guidelines on how to increase or maintain your credit score, or explaining the differences in fixed vs. variable or open vs. closed mortgage, we can help.  Allow us to educate you and get a professional working for you. Stop managing and negotiating your mortgage yourself. Together we will find the best mortgage product at the best price suited for you. Remember … it’s free to use us and it’s free to walk away! You have nothing to lose by giving us a chance to help you Know More and Save Money!


Major Topics You Should Understand on Mortgages

Mortgages are Not a Rate

Although your rate is important, mortgages have become more complex over the last 10 years. Understanding penalty structures, deciding between a variable or a fixed rate, how long of a term you should commit to and what are interest rates likely to do over the short and long term are all things you should be taking into consideration. Each lender approaches each one of these topics very differently. We want to professionally advise you on how to get a low penalty contract and a rate that allows you to save as much money as you can.

Credit is Not Just a Score

Understanding and reading a credit score requires more than just quick glance at your number. At Castle Mortgage Group Steinbach we strive to help you understand your credit score. We can advise you how to change your score in a short period of time no matter how high or low you are. Most lenders will not see your score, so they cannot advise you on how to improve or what needs to be fixed since they do not know themselves. We commonly approve clients that have been declined due to understanding credit issues more indepth than our competitors.

CMHC is Not Just a Fee

Most people would like to avoid paying CMHC fees. There are advantages paying a CMHC fee especially today’s marketplace. When increasing your mortgage, CMHC allows you to “Top Up” your new mortgage from old. You can avoid paying the whole fee all over again. Understanding what CMHC does and how they do it provides you convenient options on using less down payment amounts when financing your home. At Castle Mortgage Group Steinbach, we pride ourselves in our knowledge of what CMHC can do for you and educate you on these advantages.