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Will High Inflation Prove to be Temporary? The Bank of Canada Thinks So.
Inflation in Canada is now expected to run a full percentage point above the Bank of Canada’s (BoC) target of 2% through the end of the year. But the central bank believes—for now at least—that...
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House Prices Reaching New Heights. Where to from Here?
Several housing reports have been released over the last couple of weeks, and they all tell the same story: house prices are soaring. Records are being broken on a monthly basis, seemingly...
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Indicators of Rising Interest Rates
Although there are a lot of indicators of where interest rates may be heading. A good indicator to look at for rising fixed interest rates are Canadian bond yields. How larger institutions source...
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Renewals: What Are My Options?
When your mortgage renewal comes up. It's often been 5 years since you last talked to someone about your plans and goals. Things change fast, and your home needs are no exception. Renewal, is one of...
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