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Meet The Team

Chris Winkler

Chris joined our office in March of 2021, with 15 years of experience in serving customers and a passion for helping people.  We are beginning to realize that our office approach to welcoming the "new guy" is simply to throw them into the midst of an immediately chaotic season.  Nonetheless, Chris is surviving - and may we even say thriving - in the mortgage environment. So much so, that he bought the business!

Licensed as a Mortgage Professional, he is ready to take your appointments and talk to you about all your mortgage needs. These questions can range from scenarios about buying your first home, to wanting a lowered rate, to needing guidance on renewing versus refinancing your mortgage. He is happy to chat over the phone or schedule a face-to-face meeting for any mortgage-related inquiries you may have.

Chris genuinely appreciates the idea of focusing on the right product for an individual client, as opposed to a unilateral approach only focused on rate. Mortgages can be complicated and multifaceted, which is why Chris is here to take your appointments and help you navigate this wide expanse of the mortgage world.

Darlene Martens

Darlene is our resident renewal specialist at the Castle Steinbach branch. Having worked in renewal departments in the past for insurance brokerage companies, Darlene understands the pressure and expectations that can weigh heavy on a client when their mortgage comes up for renewal. It can be overwhelming to have a legally binding document in front of you with multiple options available and the risk of choosing which solution best fits your needs; not to mention that these agreements aren’t always written in the most comprehensive terms. This is where Darlene comes in, as she brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the fine art of renewing your mortgage and ensuring that you receive the best rate and service from your lender!  

Darlene also manages the Castle Mortgage Group Steinbach social media feeds. Her cheerful and outgoing nature is evident through the screen and even more so in person. She truly cares about our clients and enjoys working with you to make the renewal process effortless – and maybe even fun! 

Ro Giesbrecht

Ro is our senior residential underwriter for Castle Mortgage Group Steinbach. She has been with Castle Steinbach since February of 2020. We really love having her in the office, and not just because she provides us with our required daily dose of sarcasm, but because she works on the front lines of submitting your mortgage application to the lender and working alongside you to secure your financing. Ro asks a lot of questions during the process... the good news is that this is due to the analytical nature of her job. As personal as the mortgage process can be, Ro is always appreciative of the trust that clients place in our hands at the end of the day. We are happy to say that Ro quickly endeared herself to everyone in our office, plus our lenders and clients. It is only fair that in turn she loves the work that she does with our clients and the adventure of finding the right lending institution fit for each individual application that comes through our doors. If the detail-oriented work of structuring a mortgage application and negotiating with a lender may not sound thrilling to handle yourself, you can gladly pass that torch to Ro! 

Mia Fast

We welcomed Mia to the team as an administrative support in late July of 2020.  

Her filing and administrative talents, as well as the ability to handle sarcasm, has landed her a casual support role here in our office. 

We appreciate her keeping us on task by not letting our filing duties fall to the wayside.

Tori Schellenberg

Prior to joining Castle Mortgage Group Steinbach, Tori worked in customer service and lending-related fields. She quickly found her footing in our office, and accelerated from her initial administrative assistant role to a full-fledged mortgage broker!

Tori is the point of contact for new and existing clients who wish to have a helping hand up into the vast and intimidating world of mortgages; she helps us (and you!) in gathering all the relevant paperwork we need for pre-approvals/approvals; she structures applications for the best chance of success; she helps you through the closing conditions prior to possession; and she manages to keep a level head while being a seriously stellar human. 

Although Tori started her role at Castle to provide additional support to our office during an incredibly busy season, we were delighted to find that she fits right in with our office humour and wit as well. With her background in banking and customer service industries we were confident that Tori would be an exceptional addition to Castle Steinbach... and we have not been mistaken! We like her a lot, and we think you will too.

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