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When your mortgage renewal comes up. It's often been 5 years since you last talked to someone about your plans and goals.  Things change fast, and your home needs are no exception.   Renewal, is one of the best times to reevaluate your options for the upcoming term.  Essentially your renewal options are as follows:

Option A

Do nothing!  You stay with your existing financial institution.  There are no new applications, or documents to provide.  You can negotiate with your lender, and depending on the institution, there may be benefit to being a renewing and returning client with extra discounts.  It's worth asking to find out!

Option B

Do something!  Refinancing with another institution.  As mortgage brokers, we would be able to take your application, and shop the mortgage around for the best rates.  This process can be started at any time before the renewal date. In fact, within 12 months, is a reasonable time to start looking at your options.

Regardless of which option you would choose, we can help you with options A or B.  To book a time to discuss your renewal options. Simply click the link below to get started!

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